Its presence in all sectors of industrial and service activities ensures the longevity of the Group’s expertise. In-depth knowledge of these sectors and full use of its know-how allows AKKA Technologies to provide its clients with innovative and creative solutions. 

A global support offer covering the complete aircraft & subsystems life cycle and operations

Thanks to the takeover of Aeroconseil, the AKKA Technologies Group is now the only company in a position to cover all the different aspects of aviation engineering, from systems, mechanics and documentation to processes and methods, as well as support for manufacturers’ clients.
Every day, more than 1,500 of the Group’s consultants make their know-how available to the major companies in this sector: EADS, THALES, SAFRAN, LATECOERE, DASSAULT, AIR France, BOMBARDIER, SONACA, SABCA and others.

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Engineering and consulting services throughout the development processes of oems

The takeover of MBtech, the German leader in the automotive engineering market, means that AKKA Technologies can offer a comprehensive service for the automotive industry, covering all of its clients’ projects and supporting them in their quest for innovation.
While, when it was founded in 1984, the Group was involved mainly in the machining and assembly of engines and gearboxes, the quality of its work and the experience gained over 25 years of association with the major automotive groups mean that it is able, today, to cover the full life cycle of the product through 3 areas of expertise: product engineering, process engineering and systems engineering.
AKKA Technologies is, therefore, involved in all aspects of vehicle engineering: bodywork, power train, internal and external fittings, convergence of production series feasibilities, industrialisation. Daimler, Renault, Fiat, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Faurecia, Johnson Control, Valeo and Visteon have successfully entrusted it with steering their projects.

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All engineering services for railway industries at every stage of the product lifecycle

With over 25 years of experience and more than 600 engineers dedicated to railway, the AKKA Technologies Group offer the full range of skills, and operates in this sector through its 11 expertises : TCMS, Signalisation, RAMS, Tech Pub, Training, Industrialisation, Quality, Testoing & Commissionning, Ingénierie Systèmes, Train Design, and ILS. By a structured organization, AKKA Technologies is able to respond to the requirements in terms of productivity, competitiveness, innovation and technology development of the major names in this sector: Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens Transportation, Thales Transport and Ansaldo.

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Engineering & Technological support to energy leading companies

The energy sector, and nuclear energy in particular, offers excellence growth opportunities. AKKA Technologies has serious ambitions here given its proven know-how in a multiplicity of areas: industrial plant engineering, civil engineering studies, process/planning engineering, environmental engineering (safety, security, risk analysis), waste disposal studies, radiation protection, impact studies, effluent treatment, construction site co-ordination, documentation, procurement support and cost control.
A major preoccupation: the environment
The environment and sustainable development are also priority areas of growth, particularly with respect to waste management and recovery and water treatment. AKKA Technologies has certifications enabling it to meet its clients’ expectations in terms of workplace safety and risk prevention:

  • MASE (industrial health and safety and environmental improvement)
  • CEFRI-E (nuclear)
  • ISO 9001 v2000

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Health division assists players in the process industry Chemical and Biotechnological in their development of future products

Our engineering experts, specialists in sterile environments support customers on the development of infrastructure and increasingly innovative methods in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.
AKKA Technologies is also recognized for its expertise in medical devices product design validation, taking into account the regulatory aspects of certification and CE marking. AKKA Technologies, specializing in Compliance, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Studies assists in the Technical Writing your records, the implementation and control of your systems and assist you with the strategy of submission to health authorities.

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A connected world and secure

AKKA Technologies supports major telecom players in the technological development of equipment and networks. Whether designing new models or new telephone applications, modern technologies and innovative network applications, it offers products tailored to each client. The Group also sets up platforms CDD dedicated, allowing them to benefit from productivity indicators and associated quality.
AKKA Technologies offers and deals tailored to each of its customers added value vector:

  • Capitalized experience with major operators and service providers, and content
  • Mastered and ability to manage turnkey projects expertise
  • Support throughout the project life cycle: design, deployment and network operation
  • Ability to provide wireless solutions in a wide range of sectors: Railway (GSM-R, TETRA Solution Validation, Development of integrated software), NRJ (TMA EDF) Automotion (Development of integrated solutions and applications integration -validation of mobile devices)
  • Great experience on wired networks (DSL, FTTx) and mobile (2G, 3G and 4G) and network deployment
  • Industrialization of our expertise in our business centers

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A market in full growth

As a partner of CNES, Airbus Defence & Space or Thales Alenia Space, AKKA Technologies has been one of Europe’s benchmark space companies for more than 20 years.
The Group works in a wide range of areas, from the scientific study stages and upstream of the launch into orbit: ground segment (space remote measurement simulation and processing, space imaging), onboard computer systems (R&D studies, production of flight software), navigation, operations, space mechanical engineering (studies and R&D, design, analysis, testing), data evaluation, space antennae and missile guidance systems etc.

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A global support offer covering the complete specific activities, whether for defense or for export programs

Specializes in various areas of the defense sector, such as military equipment, communications, and security, AKKA Technologies has participated in major programs such as the A400M, the M51, or the Rafale. With over 300 engineers dedicated mastering military standards, AKKA Technologies is the preferred partner for manufacturers and suppliers of defence.

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